Marketing today is a highly competitive and complex undertaking for businesses levels (large and small). Success often depends on how well companies are paying attention to their customers, on who is using data-driven insights from analytics solutions to transform their business, how improve business by listening (understanding) and acting upon the client and market demands.

Advanced marketing analytics enable a business to use insights from their data to enhance the customer experience, retain and grow its client base, increase productivity and sales, and gain insights of the new product / service innovations. Simula can implement analytic solutions that help your company a success in achievement of the marketing goals in areas such are: estimating customer lifetime value, increasing customer retention and market share. Whether you are just getting started with analytics or growing in-house capabilities, Simula analytics platform and consulting services can help your marketing organization to get the most value from available data.
Simula have a proven track record of helping companies in many different industries to attract and retain customers, increase a wallet share. Simula combines sound marketing principles with marketing analytics and customer relationship management (CRM) processes to give compelling and competitive advantage with solutions in the following areas:

CROSS-SELLING AND UP-SELLING (Time forecasting modeling)
Increase sales by predicting which new product / service should be marketed to existing customers categories based on products / services they are already purchasing (cross-selling). Then offer improvements or upgrades on existing products or services a customer has already purchased (up-selling).

Customer segmentation analytics improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and decrease costs by grouping customers into segments (clusters) based on specific attributes, and then predicting which segments are most likely to purchase a particular product or service. Identify the mix of customers that will maximize profitability.

CUSTOMER ACQUISITION (Association modeling)
Customer acquisition analytics help clients understand their customers by demographic and behavior sets and discover which clusters are most receptive to which marketing offers.

Customer experience analytics zeros in on the most effective approaches to customer retention, churn analysis, and loyalty programs. Predict which customers are likely to abandon your brand or organization (churn) and provide creative options for mitigating this loss.

ATTRIBUTION MODELING (Sequence analysis algorithms modeling)
Attribution modeling allows you to dig into your customer segmentation with live interviews via phone and email to identify which mediums are responsible for your highest conversions.

Assess your existing customer base and determine the origin of your most profitable customers, then optimize return on investment for marketing campaigns. Use Simula’s platform, to discover patterns in your transactional data that tell you which products or services are often purchased together (association analysis with cluster modeling).

Optimize the allocation of your marketing money across different channels (Internet, mobile, tv, radio, digital, direct mail, IoT, etc.). Use your data to understand which channels are delivering the most return on investment.

Systematically monitor and analyze the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns and make adjustments to optimize ROI. Justify the marketing spend on specific marketing campaigns by demonstrating their success, and know when to discontinue or adjust specific campaigns. Using an Agile development process and innovative analytic techniques, Simula consulting services can help your company discover valuable insight from customer satisfaction surveys, analyze call center data, and build recommendation engines that enable more effective marketing campaign development, execution, and analysis.